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Self Build Education House – Your own bespoke home

SOLARWATT Self Build Education House – Your own bespoke home

SOLARWATT is delighted to be leading the way in the fast-growing self-build and renovation market by participating in Build It’s Self Build Education House (

Housebuilding has been shaken up in the past decade or more by advances in technology, concerns over the environment – especially climate change, and a much wider choice of both available materials and approaches to housebuilding.

The Self Build Education House is a real-life, access-all-areas project at Graven Hill, Bicester, providing a unique insight into the process of creating your own bespoke home.

Working alongside Environment Logic, a provider of impartial, expert advice on solar and storage for the self-build and renovation sector, we’ve also teamed up with leading European manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of performance, efficiency, durability and safety.

The house features SOLARWATT glass-glass PV modules and our award-winning MyReserve smart storage unit. Fronius supplied the inverter, KEBA the intelligent EV charging system and EASY ROOF, the integrated roof mounting system. The central control function is handled beautifully by SOLARWATT’s EnergyManager.

E-mobility has prompted a surge in interest from people seeing the benefit of home vehicle charging with free, rooftop-generated electricity. It’s fast, safe and easy, and customers may qualify for a Government grant worth up to £500.

Solar with storage has emerged as a huge trend among UK householders and businesses and the trend can only increase, driven by the desire for energy independence and concerns over both rising electricity prices and climate change.


Build It’s Self Build Education House opens to the public in December.

Self Build Education House by SOLARWATT Self Build Education House by SOLARWATT

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