Increase independence, reduce costs, protect the environment.

Why energy storage increases your independence.

Your PV system often generates a lot of solar power exactly when you cannot use it directly. With a storage system, the clean energy is not simply lost. With the modular Battery flex, you can store a lot of energy and increase your independence from the grid to up to 80 %.

Store your own roof's power. With Battery flex.

It pays to consume as much of the energy generated by your system as possible in your own home. The price difference between solar power from your roof and grid power is already considerable and will probably continue to rise. With Battery flex, you keep your electricity costs low while being prepared for the future.

In addition to electricity costs, general energy consumption also continues to increase, e.g. when your family grows or you decide to buy an electric car. Battery flex is a modular storage system that can be adapted to changing needs without you having to invest in a completely new system. Simply expand the existing capacity with additional battery packs.


Even more ways to store energy:

Convert surplus solar power to heat. With a heating rod or a domestic hot water heat pump, you can prepare hot water for your household. Your clean energy can be stored away as hot water in your tank all day. Heating your water throughout the day to use it at night prevents the use of grid energy. This saves you money and protects the environment.

You can also use solar power to operate a heat pump to support your heating system. Your roof's solar power is then stored in the form of space heat. This is not quite as effective as hot water, but it also helps save energy costs.

An increasingly popular way of storing surplus solar power is charging an electric car. Use your cheap, clean power to become independent from public EV chargers and confusing pricing structures.

Together we can make the change to clean energy. When will your home join the club?