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The sun shines for you day and night.

SOLARWATT Battery flex
Because we can store
plenty of power.
The Battery flex energy storage increases your independence while noticeably decreasing the amount of electricity you need to buy from the grid. Surplus energy is stored for later use, just when you need it.
  • Up to 80% self-sufficiency
  • Increase your use of energy you generate
  • Expandable

Tailor-made energy storage.

Battery flex energy storage offers the right amount of storage for every size and type of system. You can easily expand the capacity of your Battery flex if your household needs more. 
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*System details: 4-person household in a new building (approx. 145 m²) with heating based on a heat pump system, including an e-car with an annual mileage of approx. 15,000 km with various modules combined with 3 battery sizes. The building is located in Munich, Germany, on a south-facing roof at a 35° angle, calculation via PV Sol.
Energy for everything
and everyone.
The combination of the Battery flex storage system and the smart SOLARWATT Manager energy management system ensures the best possible distribution of energy across all components in your system. 
  • Optimized system
  • Smart distribution
  • Clean mobility

BMW and Solarwatt: Partners focused on quality.

In BMW we have found the perfect partner to develop and manufacture a home energy storage system using automotive cells. These products are designed to meet high expectations in terms of function, performance and quality.
  • Highest quality standards
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing
  • Highly efficient
Batteries with brainpower.
Our Battery flex storage systems use BMW cell modules, supported by our many years of experience in home energy storage systems for maximum peace of mind.
  • Security
  • Expertise
  • Made in Germany
Clean energy has a home:

The crowning glory.
The top pack securely seals the top of the Battery flex storage system. This means you can use it outside just as easily as indoors.
A flexible
The middle pack’s highly modular nature allows you to customize the design of your system. This avoids you spending money on storage you don’t need. And if you find you need more later, you can just add it on.

The base.
The base is the backbone of the Battery flex system. It connects the energy storage with your household’s power network. It also provides cooling for the other modules.

All the energy, flexibility, and independence you need.

New model
Battery flex
The Battery flex storage system allows you to consume more of the clean energy you generate yourself – in a more efficient way. This makes you even less dependent on sunlight while minimizing the amount you draw from the grid.
  • Up to 80% self-sufficiency
  • Storage adaptable to system size
  • Available as AC- and DC-hybrid

A few more impressive details:

Get the right storage solution for your home.