Using the sun's heat to cool French wine

This vineyard in the commune of Sainte-Colombe in the Bordeaux region produces nearly 150,000 bottles per year; cooling them with its own PV and battery system.
120 Panels fill the large wine cellar roof. Providing around 34 kWp of solar power.
battery capacity
The large SOLARWATT Battery stores surplus solar power generated during the day to use it for lighting and cooling at night.
self-use ratio
Château Poupille covers more than half of its electricity needs with the roof's solar power.
cost savings
The electricity bill has been cut in half in just one year. This is a large economic benefit all year round.

Producing Saint-Emilion and solar power

Already very involved in renewable energies since 2009 with the construction of a first solar shed, Château Pouille wished to renew its commitment to the use of solar energy during the construction of a new building on the estate.

The main power consumption of a wine estate is from September to January. However, with expanding business the needs also grow. Thermo-regulated vats, cooling of reception rooms for wine tourists and regulating the cellars balance out the consumption throughout the year.

The challenge of the Château Poupille installation is to ensure that the wine production curve is in line with the energy consumption curve.

wine cellar Château Poupille
„We are very satisfied with our partnership with Solarwatt and Inelia because today, we no longer have any risk of blackouts during major consumption peaks with 4 cooling units."“
Philippe Carrille, winemaker Château Poupille 
  • Philippe Carrille and his team produce not only high-quality wine, but also their own green energy.
  • With this installation they have made a secured investment. The high-quality glass-glass panels with their 30-year product and performance guarantee secure the vineyard's energy supply for years to come.
  • The panels and battery also give the team of Château Poupille piece of mind. They are secured against blackouts and the system runs safely.
Château Poupille solar wine cellar
Château Poupille's solar wine cellar
Château Poupille solar roof
120 glass-glass panels fill the roof
Château Poupille battery system
The vineyard's battery system
Château Poupille's solar roof
Château Poupille's solar roof

New technologies for a traditional craftsmanship

To make sure the wine is stored at the perfect temperature, the PV panels and the battery are completed with the Solarwatt energy management. The team can check the current power generation, consumption and battery status at any time. Connected to the entire system, the manager can charge the battery with surplus solar power to be used at consumption peeks or at night. With individually set thresholds the manager switches the cooling system on or off. The 120 panels are installed on the farm building containing the winery, bottle storage and vats. This makes the use of solar power easy and efficient. 

Wine made with green produced solar power.

Wine made with green produced solar power.

Our production lines for glass-glass panels, solar batteries and energy manager in Germany and our offices are powered with green electricity. 

Ready to generate green power yourself?