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Modules that ace every test. Even the test of time.

SOLARWATT Panel vision
For you. Your children.
And their children.
The robust construction of our glass-glass modules makes them sustainable in every way – offering you reliably high yields for many decades to come. That’s why they come with a 30-year guarantee. 
  • Robust glass-glass composite
  • Highly efficient half-cells
  • Reliable yields for years
Hard on the outside.
Smart on the inside.
Even gaseous or liquid pollutants won’t harm the sensitive solar cells. The glass is applied on both sides and lamination bonded, making it impossible for moisture or chemicals to penetrate. 
  • Protection against mechanical stress
  • Protection against environmental influence
  • UV protection

Ultra-hard glass. Times two.

Weather every storm like a breeze.

Our solar cells are enclosed within a composite of two layers of foil and thermally tempered glass. This ensures that they can withstand mechanical forces such as hail, heavy snow, and most other external influences.
  • Optimum cell protection
  • Reliably high yield
  • 30-year guarantee

Modules that adapt to your needs.

Get to know our range of modules to find exactly the right solution for your plans and objectives.

Modules that adapt to your needs.

Get to know our range of modules to find exactly the right solution for your plans and objectives.
Solar on the roof:
Panel vision style
Panel vision style modules provide an all-black design for a uniform, blended-in appearance on any black roof. Proof that things that help the environment can also look great.
  • High-performance meets quality design
  • Hard-wearing glass-glass composite
Solar in the roof:
Panel vision easyin
Panel vision easyin roof tile modules sit in the place of roof tiles and can be discreetly embedded into your roof. Combined with black shingles, these sleek modules blend in perfectly. It can even reduce construction costs.
  • Roof tile replacement
  • Weather-resistant
  • Award-winning design
Modules as a building material
Panel vision construct
The Panel vision construct modules were developed to generate clean energy in areas other than traditional rooftops – or even in addition to these. They can be used in the roofing of carports, parking decks, or on façades.
  • Certified to German building standards
  • Versatile and economical
  • Clear glass-glass design

Features of our glass-glass modules:

  • Hail-resistant 
  • Snow-load guarantee 
  • Storm-resistant 
  • Sandstorm-resistant 
  • Cyclone-resistant 
  • Salt-mist-resistant 
  • Ammonia-resistant 
  • Designed and tested in Germany for premium quality

Additional features of certain modules:  

  • LeTID tested
  • General approval under German building regulations (AbZ)
  • Made in Germany

On the roof


For great performance and beautiful design.

The full black design makes this module an especially elegant eyecatcher on your roof. The robust glass-glass composite protects the high-performance PERC cells and ensures consistently high yields. For decades.

  • High-quality design with clear glass composite and black aluminium frame
  • up to 400 Wp
  • 120 monocrystalline bifacial high-performance PERC cells

For great performance and clear design.

The high performing PERC cells are embedded in a clear glass-glass laminate, protecting them from impact and decay. For decades. The clear design makes this module versatile and robust.

  • High-quality design with clear glass composite and black aluminium frame
  • up to 370 Wp
  • 120 monocrystalline bifacial high-performance PERC cells

For great performance at a great price.

This module is especially good value for money. The white foil-backing, combined with the extremely robust construction, ensures you’ll get even more out of those high-performance PERC cells.

  • Excellent value for money
  • up to 405 Wp
  • Glass-glass composite with white back and aluminium frame

In the roof


For the minimalists.

With the vision easyin panels, you can save on roof tiles and costs. Winners of the German Design Award, these modules sit on the same level as your roof and protect it, just like roof tiles.  

  • Roof tile replacement
  • Weather-resistant
  • Cost-saving

As a building material

Vision 60m construct

For the designers.

These modules offer you creative freedom in how you generate clean energy. They are a certified building material and can be used without a substructure, for example in the roofing of carports, parking decks, or on façades. 

  • Certified according to German building standards
  • Economical and versatile
  • 60 monocrystalline high-performance PERC cells
  • Clear glass-glass composite with black aluminium frame
Vision 36M glass

For anyone who dreams of light and energy.

The Panel vision sky diligently collects the sun’s energy while simultaneously letting 20% of its light shine through. That makes this module a particularly attractive option for a terrace or parking deck, for example.

  • Small and versatile
  • frameless, clear glass-glass composite
  • 36 monocrystalline high-performance PERC cells

A few more incredible details:

Unrivalled guarantees
We give you a 30-year guarantee on our glass-glass modules. Nobody else on the market offers this combination.
A range for all occasions
No matter whether you need high performance, a particular look, extra durability, or extreme versatility – we’ve got you covered.
Maximum safety
All our glass-glass modules are tested in Germany. They are manufactured in highest quality at our Dresden production site or made to order at selected manufacturing lines.
Design Made in Germany
All our glass-glass are designed and developed in Germany with almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing solar panels. Our timeless designs perfectly blend into your roof or facade to enhance your property.
Battery flex

Independence and economy with energy storage.

Save surplus energy for later use with the expandable Battery flex energy storage system. This means you can use easily large appliances or charge an electric car at night.
your system

Ask us anything – no, everything!

Choosing the right solar energy system is a very individual affair. It takes time, and you’ll have many questions. We’ll be delighted to offer specific advice and listen to your ideas.