Clean water and heating with solar power.

How solar heating feels different.

The heating of most homes and the supply of hot water is largely done using fossil fuels. Unless you use a heat pump or heating rod. Hot water and warm rooms are then no longer a burden on your bank account or the environment.

Using your own energy for heating.

With heat pump and heating rod.

Convert surplus solar power into heat by using it to operate a heating element or a heat pump. Households spend about 30 % of their energy costs on heat generation. This is mostly done by burning fossil fuels. Switching to cheap and clean solar power therefore not only saves costs, but also protects the environment.

The easiest way to convert and store solar electricity into heat is with a heating rod. You can think of the heating element as a large immersion heater. Simply plugged into your hot water tank, it uses any surplus solar power to keep the water in your tank at needed temperatures. In this way, solar energy can be used even when the sun is no longer shining.

The situation is very similar with a domestic hot water heat pump. Heat is extracted from the ambient air and transferred to the water. Here, too, the hot water is stored in a thermally insulated container, the hot water tank, and is available for later use for showers, cooking, heating, and more.

Heat pumps are very efficient: from 1 kWh of electrical energy they generate 4 to 5 kWh of thermal energy. In summer, you can thus usually do without another heating system, in winter the heat pump still provides relevant support.


Can it replace my conventional heating?

Mathematically, it is possible to generate enough solar power to provide the required heating throughout the year. But especially in winter, when the demand for heat is high, the sun usually does not have enough power or does not shine long enough. If you still want to do without a combustion heating system you should choose a sufficiently dimensioned heat pump. In cold seasons, the heat pump will then be partially powered by solar and power from the grid. 

Want to feel the warmth of solar in your own home?