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Kiwigrid and SOLARWATT open energy self-sufficient parking lot

Kiwigrid and SOLARWATT open energy self-sufficient parking lot

The first self-sufficient parking lot is located on Scharfenberger Straße in Dresden. It has six parking spaces shelves under a solar carport with charging options and 42 additional parking lots. The internet of things platform of the Dresden-based company Kiwigrid, in conjunction with a SOLARWATT photovoltaic system, ensures that solar modules, electricity storage, charging stations and the public grid communicate with each other. The charging stations and the LED lighting system are supplied solely with solar energy.

In the ideal case, this system can autonomously cover its own energy consumption completely with solar energy. Power from the grid is only used when the self-generated solar energy is expended.


Even surrounding buildings benefit from the clean solar energy

During the year, the photovoltaic system in the parking lot generates more energy than it needs. However, it is not planned to feed the surplus energy into the public grid. On the contrary, the solar power will be consumed on site in order to relieve the grid. In the future, adjacent buildings can as well benefit from the environmentally friendly solar power.


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