SOLARWATT Manager flex

The SOLARWATT Manager flex - central control element for optimizing the energy flows in the house

What the SOLARWATT Manager flex can do

  • Visualize energy flows in the house
  • Switch consumers in a solar power-optimized manner
  • Time-controlled switching of consumers
  • Maximize self utilization
  • realize the greatest possible self-sufficiency

Visualize energy flows in the house

In the SOLARWATT Manager portal, the data from the energy consumers and generators flow together and are visualized.
The Manager flex can read out these device types:

  • Inverter
  • Battery storage
  • Current sensors
  • Switching sockets
  • Charging stations for e-cars
  • Heat pumps
  • Electric heaters for water heating

Switching consumers optimized for solar power

The manager switches consumers on as soon as there is sufficient surplus solar power. You can set individual switching thresholds for this. In this way, the manager can enable the operation of consumers with 100% solar power. By setting a switching sequence, the amount of electricity fed into the grid can be minimized.

Typical use cases:

Electric mobility: charging an electric vehicle by connecting a charging station.

Heat: Building heating and hot water generation by connecting EGO Smart Heater (heating rod) and heat pump

Other consumers: switching of any consumer connected via a radio-controlled socket (MyStrom Plug)

Time-controlled switching of consumers

Regardless of the amount of solar power generated, you can switch consumers on and off at specific times. Within the Energy Optimization app, you can define these times separately for each day of the week.

Maximize own use

With the manager, you can control consumers in such a way that you achieve maximum self-consumption of your generated solar power.

The self-consumption quota can be viewed in the SOLARWATT Manager portal. It shows what proportion of the solar power generated is either consumed directly in the household or temporarily stored in the battery.

Realizing the greatest possible self-sufficiency

The SOLARWATT Manager flex in combination with a battery storage system makes it possible to minimize the amount of electricity purchased (degree of self-sufficiency). The degree of self-sufficiency can be read in the SOLARWATT Manager portal . It indicates the proportion of the electricity demand that is covered by self-generated solar power.