Update April 2022

Thanks to a lot of honest feedback from our customers, we can come up with some improvements in the current update of the manager portal. At the end of May, the last module will also move to the new portal and we will shut down the old portal.

SOLARWATT Manager portal - Release 04/22

In the current update you will find the following changes:

  • The temporal resolution of your data can be customized for export.
  • All, data in the portal is now calculated even more accurately and quickly.
  • Good to know: Balance sheets in the new portal may differ from those in the old portal. This is because the data in the new portal is calculated faster and the old portal measures at different intervals.
  • Also good to know: You may encounter strange formulations in the portal. You can remedy this by setting the language to German in your personal settings.

Better user experience

A) The dashboard status is now saved.

From now on you will always find the settings of the last session:

  • periods selected in the widgets (control boxes)
  • Period of energy flows
  • Status of page navigation

B) More display options for the analysis area

Choose between different time periods like days, weeks, months, years or today's value.

Update Solarwatt Manager portal April 2022: new controls in the analysis area

New functions

A) Export of time series in different temporal resolutions

Choose the resolution of your energy values for the data export yourself (e.g. every hour) or use the default setting (every quarter of an hour).

B) Thanks to Widget you now always have an overview of how your total consumption is made up.

In our new dashboard widget, you can always see how much your total consumption is and what percentage direct consumption, battery storage and mains supply account for.

C) Relays and smart heaters are available in the device list from now on.

Also new: Display of buffer tank temperature with EGO Smartheater on EnerygManager pro

D) Smart heating elements and individual energy meters are now displayed as consumers in the consumer widget and in the analysis area.

Update Solarwatt Manager portal April 2022: new widget total consumption

Fixed bugs

A) Data that only makes sense mathematically (such as self-sufficiency values of over 100%) will no longer be displayed.

In addition, values will be displayed less rounded from now on.


In rare cases, unusual language output of the German texts in the portal occurs. If this happens to you, set the language to German in your personal settings.
Because if there is no setting there, the English version of the portal may be displayed and the browser translated it into German by itself. Not always with an optimal result.

Update Solarwatt Manager portal April 2022: personal settings and language

What else you should know:

Currently, the new and old portals still exist side by side. Since the data in the new portal is calculated more frequently (at smaller intervals), the current data in both portals may differ.

In the near future, all functions of the old portal will also be available in the new Manager portal. The shutdown of the old portal is planned for the end of May.

Brief overview and explanation

Documentation Solarwatt Manager

You can find detailed online help for the SOLARWATT Manager, especially on the topics of installation, commissioning and configuration, here.
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