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Are solar panels easy to maintain? 

High-quality solar panels like ours are generally very low maintenance and require minimal upkeep for optimal effectiveness. However, there are steps you can take to monitor the system's performance by mitigating any external conditions which might hinder the output potential. Typical lower output could be the result of panel obstruction or dirt & debris.  

How often should I clean my solar panels?

Luckily most rooftop solar panel installations are angled so that rainfall naturally clears any dirt or debris that is building up. It is recommended however that panels are cleaned manually 3 or 4 times a year and particularly in the drier months to prevent any dirt residue.

Reinigung Photovoltaikanlage

What are the do's and don’ts when cleaning solar panels?

The best time to clean your solar panels is in early spring. You can arrange for a specialist solar panel cleaning company to carry out the simple maintenance for you or you can follow these suggested cleaning tips: 

  • Ensure that your solar installation connection is switched off. If you are unsure, please check with your installer 
  • Make sure you can work safely. Always access a sloping roof with fall protection and do not sit or lean on the panels 

Clean the panels with the following: 

  • Water or cleaning agents for glass that are ethanol/isopropanol based and diluted with water 
  • A soft cloth or sponge 
  • A wiper 
  • A soft brush with nylon bristles 
  • Silicone or cotton gloves to avoid fingerprints 
  • A garden hose if you can't reach the panels by hand 


  • Clean the panels early in the morning or late at night. This means the water does not dry up too quickly and less residue remains 
  • Do not use corrosive cleaning agents or scouring pads. This could scratch and damage the solar panels 
  • Do not use water that is either too hot or too cold. This will prevent cracks in the glass 
  • Remove thick bird droppings as soon as possible to prevent damage to the (AR) coating 


What about adverse weather conditions such as SNOW that could impact panel performance?

Solarwatt’s glass-glass Panel vision panels are robust and resilient and are designed and tested in our labs in Germany to withstand extreme weather conditions. That is because our solar cells are enclosed within a composite of two layers of foil and thermally tempered glass. This ensures that they can withstand mechanical forces such as hail, heavy snow, and most other external influences. 

A Solarwatt glass-glass panel comes with a 30-year warranty and additional 5-year FullCoverage insurance for extra peace of mind.  

As with rainfall on an angled rooftop array of panels, snow should dissipate by itself naturally. For colder climates or persistent periods of snowfall, you can perform the following maintenance steps: 

  • Use a telescopic wiper that allows you to remove the snow from the solar panels yourself, without having to go up on the roof. Wipe the snow off the panels with a clean, soft brush 
  • Can't get to the panel easily? Then clear a small section of the solar panels from the snow. After that, the rest will take care of itself, because as the solar panel produces electricity the temperature of the solar cells will rise, causing the remaining snow cover to slide off the panels by itself 
Snow affects the yield and should be removed completely if possible


Spray the solar panels with water or cleaning agents. Not all resources are suitable for solar panels. There is also a chance that the layer of water will freeze or that the glass will crack due to the large temperature disparity. 

Do not use a scraper. Then you damage the panels and the coating. 

Be aware of the hazards. Do not put yourself at risk by climbing onto a slippery roof or surface yourself. Contact a solar installation professional for advice if you are in any doubt. 

Without a doubt, high-quality solar panels should continue to generate high yields offering maximum performance for decades with very little maintenance required. As a pioneer in European solar technology for the last 30 years, we want to ensure installers and homeowners have Solarwatt panels that top every test. Even the test of time.

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