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What criteria should be used to compare the quality of solar panels?

Solar panel systems aren’t exactly an “off-the-shelf” product. The solar yield and therefore the financial benefit generated by a photovoltaic system is affected by many factors: 

  • location (duration and intensity of sunlight, shading, etc.) 
  • roof orientation and inclination 
  • roof area covered with solar modules (size of the photovoltaic system) 
  • modules used and other photovoltaic system components 

This makes it quite hard to compare the quality of entire systems, but it’s very easy to compare the modules themselves. 

Glass-glass modules offer consistent performance for decades

How much electricity does the solar module generate? 

For the investment to pay for itself and for the system to generate a good return, it must continue working well for as long as possible. For conventional photovoltaic systems, we assume an average service life of 25 years. We provide a 30-year guarantee on our SOLARWATT glass-glass modules. Additional security is provided by our free FullCoverage plan, an all-round insurance package that covers theft, storm damage and reduced yield. 


What is the current performance of solar modules and how will they perform?

Like all technical devices, solar modules ‘age’, meaning they lose some of their performance over time. Our glass-glass modules supply particularly long-lasting and reliably high yields. This is thanks to how the glass-glass design can withstand high levels of mechanical stress (e.g., wind, snow) and are very resistant to weather conditions (e.g., moisture, hail). This has a positive effect on the service life and cost-effectiveness of the modules. 

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