Commercial solar

What is commercial solar? 

Why is it beneficial for large and small businesses?

Commercial solar is solar energy generation intended for all types of business settings as opposed to more familiar usage in residential settings. As an industry itself, it sits between residential and utility-scale solar sectors and is also known as C&I or ‘Commercial and industrial-scale solar’ which covers a vast range of customers from governments, and large businesses to agribusiness, schools and small to mid-size enterprises. As business owners look to create greater operational efficiencies, reduce environmental impact, and make cost savings, solar energy provides a clean, reliable renewable energy source and an effective way of introducing energy-saving solar innovation in commercial spaces.  

You care about your business and the environment and are committed to cutting your CO 2 emissions while securing your business and commercial projects for the future. Whether you are enabling businesses, farms, schools, or community buildings to become more energy efficient, we all face the challenge of unpredictable, rising energy costs and are discovering the real savings and independence the latest solar PV technologies can deliver. Choosing the right panels for your commercial project by investing in the right solutions today means you will benefit long into the future as you lower operating costs and see greater returns for your business and your customers. 


How solar panels are used in commercial settings to minimise environmental impact and maximise energy-savings. 

Multiple commercial-grade photovoltaic (PV) panels can be installed together forming a solar array or a collection of connected solar panels. Suitable for rooftops on a wide range of commercial spaces such as schools, agricultural buildings, business premises and carports, where typically sunlight exposure is optimal, but they can also be installed on large areas of land. A Strategic solar scheme design will utilise the available project space to ensure maximum solar energy production.  

It is important that high-quality, robust solar modules such as Solarwatt panels are installed as they deliver high yields and are built to last as long as the roofs you put them on. They are panels that offer protection against mechanical stress and environmental influence with industry leading warranties – delivering reliable, long-lasting performance for your business. See an overview of our panels and learn how our panels are rigorously tested to withstand extreme weather conditions or gaseous or liquid pollutants 


What type of solar panel work best in a commercial setting? 

Selecting the right panel for your commercial project or business is crucial. There are many variables that solar professionals need to factor into the project with budget, design aesthetics, scope of project, situation, and environmental considerations all in the mix. 

At Solarwatt we have 30 years of industry-leading experience in delivering high-quality solar technologies spanning both residential and commercial projects. Our panel range is adaptive to our customer's needs, meaning we have a solar solution that is right for you. Our team of solar experts can help guide you through our product portfolio and help find the right panel for your commercial space.  


How long will my solar panel last and what cost-savings will it deliver/Or what is my ROI? 

We want our PV panels to have the same longevity as your commercial spaces and make a positive impact on the communities you serve.  

Our Vision glass-glass panels are the are premium quality, robust and have long-lasting durability and come with an industry-leading 30-year warranty. The guarantee conditions are:  

The power of the solar modules decreases to no less than 97% in the first year. 

From the second to the 29th year, the power output of the modules decreases by no more than 0.345% per year. 

In the 30th year, the guaranteed power output equals 87% or more. 

While our cost-effective Classic glass-foil panels deliver impressive performance at an impressive price with a 15-year warranty. The guarantee conditions are:  

Robust, higher quality panels mean longer Solarwatt panel performance meaning you pay less per year over the lifetime of your system – greater power, greater performance, greater savings.  



ROI on a commercial solar project will depend on: 

  • £ Upfront investment and outlay for solar panels  
  • Efficiency, quality & lifespan of the solar panel to ensure high yield reliability 
  • Project implementation/installation costs 
  • Size and scope of the installation project 
  • Business power demand (small, medium, and large businesses will have different consumption needs depending on operational function 


  • Investment in a truly renewable energy source for the future 
  • Reduce your impact on the environment 
  • Significant reduction in energy costs 
  • Low maintenance & panel warranties and insurance 
  • Improve energy security & independence 
  • Highlight your green ethos, CSR and support for a net-zero future 
  • Supports the wider economy (solar jobs & investment in technologies) 

Don’t just take our word for it, see how Solarwatt solutions have driven positive change across commercial projects in the UK and throughout Europe giving businesses a real return on investment.  


With 30 years of industry expertise in premium quality solar solutions behind us, Solarwatt has professional support teams ready to help guide you at every stage of the process. On hand to help you optimise your commercial solar project.