Glass-Glass Modules Vision

Long-lasting and durable SOLARWATT quality
SOLARWATT relies in particular on the glass-glass technology

Glass-glass modules

Glass-glass modules are solar panels with solar cells arranged between two glass panes. As a result, the cells lie in the neutral axis of the compound and are therefore not under mechanical stress when the module is bent. In addition, the glass-glass module is less sensitive to penetration of moisture or chemicals, than glass-foil modules.

SOLARWATT relies in particular on this technology to offer its customers longevity and maximum efficiency.

The advantages of SOLARWATT glass-glass modules

SOLARWATT’s glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely robust against environmental influences. They are lightweight like conventional glass-foil modules and are not complicated to install.

These qualities distinguish glass-glass modules from standard products:

  • Lightweight 2mm thick glass panes on front and back
  • Highest yield reliability
  • Maximum mechanical endurance
  • 100% protection against PID (potential-induced degradation)
  • Maximum fire resistance
  • 30-year product guarantee
  • 30-year linear performance guarantee

Our Vision modules are virtually indestructible

SOLARWATT systems have gained recognition for their premium quality and glass-glass photovoltaic modules are an excellent example. In addition to required quality assurance tests, SOLARWATT solar modules are tested in real-world installation situations under diagonal loads. Asymmetric loads are applied thereby: in this way, for example, a higher compressive load is applied to the lower edge of the module to simulate snow sliding down.

Our Vision modules can withstand high mechanical loads

The modern glass-glass composite of the modules from SOLARWATT protects the solar cells optimally against mechanical stress. These modules are strong enough for grown adults to walk over without causing the slightest damage to the valuable solar cells inside.

Our Vision modules are extremely resistant to hail

The new generation of modern and high quality SOLARWATT modules are tested for resistance to hail. In the test, hailstones with a diameter of 25 mm strike the solar module at a speed of 83 km/h and no cell is damaged.

Our Vision modules are extremely resistant to salt spray

Thanks to the unique glass-glass laminate, the SOLARWATT solutions are even more resistant to extreme conditions such as salt spray. SOLARWATT solar modules exhibit neither electrical nor mechanical abnormalities after independent tests.


Glass-glass modules are more durable than glass-foil modules
Comparing glass-glass and glass-foil technology shows how differently a typical load can affect the sensitive solar cells.
Damp Heat test - every cell is well protected
Even after 4,000 hours in the Damp Heat Test (DHT), SOLARWATT glass-glass modules show no drop in performance. On the other hand, conventional glass-foil modules show a performance drop of more than 50%.
Comparing technology
With glass-glass modules you get more than twice as much life output in kWh as with glass-foil modules.