Solar Panels - Turn sun into electricity

SOLARWATT solar panels: high-performance, efficient and durable

Solar or photovoltaic panels (also called modules) are the heart of every photovoltaic system. The modules contain parallel or series-connected solar cells that generate renewable energy from solar radiation. For private applications and small businesses, the solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of the house. The output of the PV system created by interconnecting the modules depends on many factors such as the number of panels, module type and output, roof pitch or solar radiation. Our experts will be happy to inform you on this subject, please send your request. We'll find the perfect solution for your home and needs. 

Solar panels on a roof

How do solar panels produce electricity?

Photovoltaic modules (PV modules, solar panels) convert sunlight into electrical energy. The solar cells inside each panel are responsible for this. They are protected on both sides by a pane of tempered glass and a plastic EVA film. The sun’s rays penetrate these two transparent layers to reach the solar cells.

Since an individual solar cell produces only a little electricity, several of them are combined per solar panel. Inside these cells there is a layer with a surplus of positive charge carriers (p-layer) and a second layer with a surplus of negative charge carriers (n-layer). An internal electrical field builds up at the so-called p-n junction (the interface between the layers) which is normally made of silicon. This leads to a charge separation of the charge carriers released by the incidence of light. The electrical charge in the cell can be made usable via metal contacts. Direct current then flows if an electrical consumer is connected.

The right solar module for demand

With such a wide ranging selections available on the market, it can be difficult to select the right solar panel. The search for a suitable solar module can be aided by answering the following questions:

  • What output should be achieved?
  • What should the system look like?
  • Should a roof-integrated or a rooftop system be installed?
  • In which region will the system be built?
  • What purpose will this system fulfill?