Energy Independence

Why householders are declaring their energy independence
The sun

Apart from saving money and making a better world, a major driver in the switch to solar PV and storage is declaring your energy independence. Concern over rising electricity prices is not only about money – it’s also about the relative strength of ordinary householders and big suppliers. Some customers must feel they’ve lost control.

Decentralised, renewable energy production and storage are now a reality. By generating clean, green electricity in the daytime and keeping it safely for evening and night-time consumption, householders are restoring balance to a relationship that for many, was starting to look pretty one-sided.

One homeowner we met spoke for many: “People see electricity prices going up, up, up. They sort of understand why – oil and gas supplies are finite and getting them here from some parts of the world must be a costly business. But price-wise it all seems to go one way, whatever policy the trade companies follow. “And it’s not just prices, it’s also the unpredictability – I have no idea what my bills will look like in three, five, 10 or 20 years. And with property prices going up, it’s an additional burden, especially for people wanting to pass something on to their children.”

Intelligently control your energy flows and consumption

It is a fundamental problem that the generation of solar power does not match our daily rhythm. During the day, most people are in school or at work and little energy is used. During this time, the sun shines and the PV system generates a lot of solar power. In the morning and evening, when we make coffee, shower, watch TV or sit in the room with electric light, little or no solar power is generated. For a long time, there was no alternative to feeding excess electricity into the public grid and buying expensive electricity when needed.

One solution to the dilemma lies in the intelligent control of one's own consumption with an energy management system. This system switches power consumers on when a lot of electricity is being produced. This allows the dishwasher or pool pump to run even when nobody is in the house. The appliances can be operated directly or via switchable smart sockets. The increasing connections of home technology and appliances in the smart home will open up further possibilities for energy management in the home in the future.

Increase your independency with solar battery systems

MyReserve is the premium battery system for households, making the storage and on-site consupmtion of solar power reliable and safe. MyReserve provides solar power when you need it, increasing independence and lowering electricity bills. Its many accolades include the German Design Innovation 2018 and the Intersolar Europe EES Award 2015 and 2017.

In the hours without sun, self-generated electricity can be consumed until the battery is empty. Only then, grid power is drawn again. Depending on the size of the battery, the proportion of self-consumption can be increased - and thus the degree of energy self-sufficiency.

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One system: produce, manage and store energy for your independence

In order for the battery to work optimally, it is advisable to combine it with the energy management system. Every time there’s solar surplus, the excess energy will be stored to the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the excess electricity will be fed into the grid. This is where feed-in tariffs are an extra bonus to your electrical and economical independency.

Manage your cheap, green solar energy yourself

Our householder also commented on the complexity of energy bills. “People may not notice price rises because they’re sometimes hard to gauge – it depends on what you’re told.” The EnergyManager lets customers understand and monitor their electricity consumption so they’re getting the best out of their Vision glass-glass solar PV panels and MyReserve home storage battery. And the programme shows just how users can harness the sun’s natural power instantly, radically reducing reliance on the grid.

As information on your household energy flows is important for optimizing self-consumption, the EnergyManager Portal provides an overview of the data for power production and consumption based on multiple functions. For many, the portal really highlights their own energy use for the first time. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you have an instant overview of all relevant information.

The EnergyManager is the ideal way to manage and understand your electric vehicle charging – an increasingly important function in the move towards cleaner road fuels. And because you can easily change settings or switch household appliances on and off remotely, changes to travel plans or the weather are no problem – you can switch on your household heating in a few clicks.

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Heating and cooling without oil and gas: Use your energy intelligently.

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