Solarwatt is excited to present new solar panels with TOPCon solar cells


Solarwatt will soon begin selling a new series of solar panels equipped with TOPCon solar cells. The glass-glass and glass-foil solar modules have a capacity starting from 420 watts peak. Installers can order the new solar panels from the SOLARWATT starting in late December. Delivery will be possible from January 2024. 

Product Manager Wico Gerritsen, Solarwatt Benelux said:  

'As a premium supplier, we have extremely high standards for quality and efficiency. TOPCon is a ground-breaking technology in the solar panel industry, which, in our opinion, is the future and aligns perfectly with our requirements.' 

The TOPCon solar cell technology was introduced 10 years ago by researchers at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and is now on the verge of a global breakthrough. 


Innovative new standard 

While PERC solar cells have been the industry standard for the past 5 to 6 years, there is now a transition to the use of TOPCon cell technology. Solar panels with perc technology are made from p-type solar cells, while TOPCon solar panels are made from n-type solar cells. 

One of the advantages of TOPCon solar panels is the higher power output per square meter. On a limited roof surface of a single-family home, this makes a significant difference and leads to a higher overall efficiency of the solar energy system. 


Longer warranty periods  

Thanks to the TOPCon solar panels, homeowners have significantly more power, which is an important selling point for installation companies. In addition, TOPCon solar panels degrade less quickly. As a result, the difference in yield increases over the years. 

Solarwatt provides a product and performance guarantee of 30 years for glass-glass solar panels and free all-risk insurance. For the TOPCon solar panels in the black glass-foil version - starting from 420 watts peak - and pure version - starting from 425 watts peak - the warranties have been extended. The product warranty for these modules is 20 years, and the performance guarantee is 25 years. 


For more information on our solar panel portfolio, including our TOPCon series, please contact the team: