GRC Gütersloh – Solar system saving the climate and association funds

  • New construction of the association building according to KfW 55+ standard
  • Vision 60P glass-glass modules with 50 kWp output
  • MyReserve battery with 18 kWh capacity


The building of the German Red Cross in Gütersloh has a pilot project character in terms of environmental friendliness. The new building was constructed according to KfW 55+ standard in 2016. Soon after installing a geothermal system to cool and heat the building, the idea of adding a solar system for eco-friendly energy generation was born.

And so more than 170 robust SOLARWATT Vision 60P glass-glass modules with a total output of approx. 50 kWp were installed in 2017. Energy is stored in an 18 kWh MyReserve battery. The solar power supplies the LED lighting in the building and the workplaces of the 18 full-time employees at the Gütersloh location. The geothermal pump is also operated with solar power.

When it comes to mobility, the GRC also moves with the times: solar energy also flows into the batteries of the electric cars used by the ambulant GRC care service. Charging points supply the three electric vehicles with solar power.

In the first year, the GRC Gütersloh saved a total of 7000 € in electricity costs. "It was clear to us right from the start that if we built a new plant, it had to be future-oriented. Electricity prices continue to rise and fossil resources are finite," sums up Rainer Frenz, 2nd chairman of the local GRC association in Gütersloh. "We wanted to invest in environmental protection. Even from a conservative point of view, the savings show that it is not more expensive for us". The quality of the SOLARWATT system is convincing: "We expect to get a lot out of our PV system for a long time. This benefits us and serves the environment."

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