Family saving on energy and electricity bills - systematically

  • SOLARWATT Complete System
  • 32 Vision glass-glass modules 10 kWp, MyReserve batterry with capacity of 4,8 kWh, EnergyManager
  • Installation 2018
  • North Rhine-Westphalia

Gerd and Barbara, a couple from North Rhine-Westphalia, want to become more independent of their electricity supplier. Their annual electricity demand is around 5,000 kWh per year. This holds a lot ofsavings potential. Compared to grid electricity, the sun's energy is accessible to everyone and available free of charge, you only have to use the right technology.

At the same time, the couple also wants to make its contribution to the energy revolution: „We can only achieve the energy revolution if everyone follows along and takes part in it – otherwise it won’t work.

Therefore, after a detailed consultation with Ewenso, they decided on a SOLARWATT complete system consisting of glass-glass modules, solar power batteries and EnergyManager. In order to further increase its energy self-sufficiency, the system was supplemented with a domestic hot-water heat pump.

The decisive factor for glass-glass modules was repeatedly stronger hailstorms in the region in the past, which led to cracks in conventional glass-foil modules and thus to yield losses.

The MyReserve battery system makes it possible to use self-generated, free solar power even when the sun is not shining, for example in the evenings after work.

The EnergyManager, among other things, can switch devices demanding power during the day. Parts of the generated solar power can thus be used directly. Any surplus is stored by MyReserve. Therefore, the system can be adapted to one's habits. Another positive effect is that you can find further savings potential through monitoring it all with the EnergyManager - for the benefit of the environment and your own pocket.

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