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The solar pioneer with 25 years of experience

What was born in 1993 as the vision of two solar pioneers is today one of the leading German manufacturers of photovoltaic systems, the European market leader in glass-glass modules and one of the largest home battery providers worldwide (read more about our company history). More than 460 people around the globe are working towards your energy future.
In addition to our German headquarters in Dresden, we also have branches in Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Installers and end users in over 50 countries worldwide are convinced of the outstanding quality of SOLARWATT products.

Stefan Quandt has held the majority of the company shares since 2013. The managing directors of SOLARWATT GmbH are Detlef Neuhaus (CEO), Sven Böhm (CFO) and Dr. Armin Froitzheim (CTO).

SOLARWATT GmbH - PV systems
SOLARWATT company building in Dresden

Our 3 pillars upon which your energy future is built

We are consistently pursuing our mission "power to the people". We are the only German systems provider which can supply you with all the essential PV components for your energy self-sufficiency – in premium quality. We take ownership of targeted research and development of all our products for a greener future. By combining our core competencies of energy production, energy management, and energy storage, you get a system with maximum service life, maximum efficiency, and maximum safety.

Innovative and high-quality products

We established glass-glass technology as a new standard for modules back in 1998. These modules are characterized by a particularly long service life, extreme robustness, and maximum yields. Decades of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing standards ensure top quality for your solar electricity production.

Our intelligent energy management tool optimizes the use of solar power from your own roof. The EnergyManager measures, switches on and off, and visualizes all aspects of your photovoltaic system and all power-consuming appliances in your household.

Battery storage enables near self-sufficiency with solar energy. Only with a battery can solar power produced during the day can be used at night. In 2015, we developed MyReserve, the most economical and safest power storage system that revolutionized the market at the time. In 2016, the battery specialists from e-Wolf in Frechen were integrated into the SOLARWATT Group. The storage experts working there have already gained experience in Formula 1 (racing) for efficient charging and discharging of batteries. The results are batteries of the highest caliber, which makes them not only ecologically meaningful, but also financially worthwhile.

Despite the constant expansion of the product portfolio, the company remains true to its principles: All glass-glass moduls, our battery and the EnergyManager are Made in Germany and of the highest quality.

SOLARWATT in overview

  • Founded: in 1993 as SOLARWATT Solar-Systeme GmbH
  • Headquarters: Maria-Reiche-Straße 2a, 01109 Dresden
  • Locations: Germany (HQ in Dresden, Frechen), France, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Spain
  • Employees: ca. 460 globally
  • Managing Directors: Detlef Neuhaus (CEO), Sven Böhm (CFO), Dr. Armin Froitzheim (CTO)
  • Supervisory Board: Dr. Achim Wörner (Chairman), Stefan Quandt, Hans-Peter Villis, Felix Ackermann
  • Ownership: Stefan Quandt is the majority shareholder since 2013

SOLARWATT - Power To The People

Powerful, economical, and systems-oriented

The SOLARWATT core competencies for intelligent energy systems

As a provider of complete solutions, SOLARWATT attaches great importance to system intelligence with a focus on premium products Made in Germany. Safety, clear technical differentiation, and cost-effectiveness play an important role here – especially for SOLARWATT's core competencies: