In-roof modules EasyIn

Your roof pays for itself.
In roof PV system

When buildings with a pitched roof are newly built, photovoltaic systems can be integrated into the roof in a particularly simple and cost-effective manner. Thanks to the in-roof construction method money can also be saved at the retreading of a roof. There are no double costs for roof tiles and the work of the roofer.

In-roof solar systems are visually very attractive. The modules with their narrow profile perfectly fit in your roof and make your house an eye-catcher. Windows and chimneys can also be integrated easily.

At in-roof photovoltaic systems the solar modules are mounted directly on the roof battens. This is an elegant solution that also saves space.

Our EasyIn solar modules form a homogeneous roof membrane with the roof tiles. So wetness can not penetrate.

EasyIn photovoltaic modules replace conventional roof tiles. They protect your home just as reliably as a normal roof and simultaneously produce the electricity for your house.

Advantages of our in-roof PV-system EasyIn

The SOLARWATT glass-glass modules EasyIn 60M style produce solar power and at the same time replace conventional roofing. High aesthetics, resistance to weathering and longevity of the modules make the EasyIn system a good alternative to conventional on-roof systems.

  • Weatherproof roofing with outstanding glass-glass quality
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • High yields through innovative glass-glass technology
  • Optimal ventilation improves heat dissipation
  • Self-financing roofing
  • Optimal sealing between modules and roof tiles through roofing frame