MyReserve reaction time

The need for speed
MyReserve reaction time

MyReserve has won international praise and popularity for its efficiency, leading to better power supply, durability and long-term savings for customers.

One reason SOLARWATT’s award-winning solar battery outperforms other systems is its fast reaction time, explained here. Later we’ll look at two other important factors.   When it comes to asserting your energy independence through solar PV and storage, speed is king. Electricity users want swift response and efficiency – and electronics play a big role in maximising the proportion of free solar power that householders can use.

Appliances such as induction hobs and coffee machines ‘pulse’ – that is, turn on and off. Using inferior electronics means that power arrives too late or not at all, reducing solar consumption. As grid power is used by default, wasting hard-won, free energy gets very costly for home and business users.

MyReserve’s ultra-efficient battery management system (‘BMS’) responds rapidly to these changes in demand, ensuring a ‘system step response’ of 0.7 seconds or less. This is because of the reaction of the processors that measure the signals from the AC sensor. The AC Sensor measures the flow of current and enables the charging and discharging of the system to work very efficiently.

Fast reaction means more self-consumption and lower electricity bills

Some systems react much more slowly to demand, so that power initially comes not from the battery storage system, but from the grid. This delay is also apparent when power is no longer required. Some batteries are too slow to switch off, so stored electricity instead flows into the grid. That means lower self-consumption and increased electricity bills.

For appliances running during the day, solar power harvested directly from the roof can be used. As soon as appliances stop demanding power, MyReserve begins charging. When power is again required, MyReserve immediately stops charging so that solar power can be sent directly into the building. Result – increased self-consumption of solar power. MyReserve can be 20 times faster to respond than other batteries, supplying electricity after 0.35 seconds.

As an added benefit, experts say this efficiency makes MyReserve increase the self-consumption of the end user. A study by the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin found that the slower reaction speed of ordinary batteries led to average losses of 2,000kWh over 10 years.