MyReserve Warranties and FullCoverage

All-round protection with SOLARWATT

With a SOLARWATT battery you are investing in the future – yours and that of future generations. SOLARWATT offers a performance guarantee for your MyReserve which exceeds the legal requirements by a factor of five.

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee that your MyReserve battery will last 10 years and still have 80 % or more of its original storage capacity, regardless of charge/discharge cycles. If not, we will repair your battery free of charge or replace the affected module.

SOLARWATT FullCoverage

Every MyReserve comes with a free insurance policy – SOLARWATT FullCoverage. Among other things, this insurance covers:

  • theft of system components,
  • damage from extreme weather,
  • flooding, vandalism,
  • defects due to overvoltage,
  • defects due to overvoltage,
  • short circuits, e.t. c...
Detailed warranty and FullCoverage information is available on our homepage or from your expert installer.