Guaranteed coverage with the SOLARWATT guarantees

Performance and product warranties are available for all SOLARWATT products. The warranty period and conditions differ depending on the product. 

Performance warranty for guaranteed performance

With the performance guarantee, SOLARWATT assures a minimum performance level for a specified period. Should this performance level be undercut, you have a claim to repair, replacement or delivery of an equivalent product. 

Special performance and product warranties for SOLARWATT products*

Product Warranty period Warranty conditions Specified performance Note
Vision glass-glass modules 30 years each
  • The performance of the solar modules will not decrease to less than 97 % in the 1st year.
  • In the period from the 2nd to the 29th year, the performance of the modules will not decrease by more than 0.345 % per year.
  • The guaranteed output in the 30th year is therefore at least 87 %.
  • Repair by SOLARWATT at the customer's location
  • Repair by SOLARWATT or a third party
  • Delivery of an additional module
  • Exchange with a replacement module

MyReserve 10 years or up to 4,100 full cycles Each installed battery module has a usable capacity of at least 80 % after 10 years based on the usable capacity at the time of installation.
  • Repair by SOLARWATT at the customer's location
  • Repair by SOLARWATT or a third party
  • Exchange with a replacement battery module

StecaGrid system inverter 7 years (special manufacturer's warranty) - Steca reserves the right to repair, modify or replace defective products on its own discretion. This product warranty only applies for material and processing defects.

* The warranty conditions presented above are only an excerpt from the full warranty conditions for the products and do not entail any claim to completeness. The detailed warranty conditions are available as a download from this page.