SOLARWATT FullCoverage

With FullCoverage, all the components of your solar power system are insured.

The insurance policy not only protects against theft and weather damage, but also pays out if your solar power system cannot generate any output due to damage - or if it delivers less output than expected.

The FullCoverage insurance package includes all roof systems with a nominal output of up to 1,000 kWp. Our storage systems and certain inverters are also insured.

Activate FullCoverage

Glass-glass modules
Glass-foil modules
Operation interruption insurance

Minimuim yield insurance
All-risk insurance
Extended product warranty 30 years 12 years
Extended performance warranty 30 years linear 25 years linear 10 years
Cost sharing (with use of a SOLARWATT system inverter StecaGrid1)

75 euros

instead  250 euros

75 euros

instead  250 euros

1) Valid for the first 3 years

* Available in EU & Norway.

* there are some limitations, please check with your sales partner.

An overview of the insurance in FullCoverage

Operation interruption insurance

Compensation for lost power yields if your solar power plant should be unable to function properly due to damage. 

Minimum yield insurance

Compensation if there is a shortfall of 90% of the forecast annual energy yield due to low solar irradiation.

All-risks insurance 

Replacement or repair in case of theft or defective components. At the same time, the costs incurred due to the damage are assumed: particularly damage due to mechanical, electrical or weather-related influences.

There are just four exclusions to the all-risks insurance coverage:

  • Deliberate damage to the plant caused by the owner herself or himself
  • War
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Normal wear and tear during operation

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