FullCoverage with SOLARWATT

Photovoltaic systems are exposed to external influence 365 days per year. Meteorological phenomena such as hail, snow and rain, and, in part, mechanical stress, result in a performance reduction of the modules and damage to the system and individual components. Operators of PV systems can also be victims of theft and vandalism. As a safeguard against these types of damage, insurance is recommended.

With FullCoverage, SOLARWATT offers comprehensive production for all components of your photovoltaic system.
The insurance includes:

  • All-risk insurance
  • Service interruption insurance
  • Minimum yield insurance
  • Extended product warranty

SOLARWATT warranty for solar modules

In addition to a product warranty, you receive a performance warranty for SOLARWATT photovoltaic systems and individual components [URL: 2. Components]. The warranty period and conditions differ depending on the product.  

The product warranty assures that the solar modules provided by SOLARWATT are free from material and processing defects that can impair functionality.

With the performance warranty, SOLARWATT guarantees a minimum performance for a defined time period.

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