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SOLARWATT on course for growth: doubling production and 100 new employees

+++ SOLARWATT builds new production line at its headquarters in Dresden, Germany +++ Photovoltaic systems provider increases investment in research & development +++ Staffing for growth: 100 new employees in 2020 +++

The German market for photovoltaic systems for private homes continues to grow despite all political and bureaucratic hurdles. SOLARWATT, a manufacturer of photovoltaic systems specialized in solutions for the residental sector and small businesses, reports new sales records. "Both in terms of sales and the volume of photovoltaic modules sold, we have achieved growth rates in the high double-digit percentages for years. In 2019 we sold anywhere from 30 to 70 percent more modules than in the previous year - depending on the product group. The first two months in 2020 were also extremely successful, we almost doubled sales compared to the same period last year", emphasized SOLARWATT Managing Director, Detlef Neuhaus.

10 million euro investment in new panel manufacturing facility

This is another reason why SOLARWATT is investing massively in its future. Just now, the go-ahead has been given for an expansion of solar panel production at the headquarter facility in Dresden, Germany. This will be built in immediate vicinity of the current production line, and will double SOLARWATT's production capacity from the current 250 megawatts to 500 megawatts. The European market leader in glass-glass panels will continue to innovate with new technologies by expanding production. "We are investing approximately 10 million euros in the expansion of our panel manufacturing. If everything goes according to plan, we intend to open the new production facility at the end of 2020," explains Neuhaus.

100 new employees in 2020

SOLARWATT currently employs over 400 people in Germany, Europe, and Australia. By year’s end around 500 people are expected to work for the company. "We will continue to grow and are always on the lookout for motivated employees in all areas who will help us shape the energy revolution", says Neuhaus. The international full-service photovoltaics provider will drive forward the expansion of its own photovoltaic energy system, including energy management and battery storage. The company continues to work on the efficient coupling of electricity, transport, and heating solutions, for which the EnergyManager plays a decisive role. In Germany, every tenth private PV system now comes from SOLARWATT.

SOLARWATT INNOVATION research center moved

SOLARWATT also continues to invest in research and development in batteries, as announced by SOLARWATT INNOVATION Managing Director, Dr. Olaf Wollersheim: "We want to take the next step in the development of energy storage. After all, power storage is a decisive component in a decentralized energy system in which photovoltaics, e-mobility, and heat are closely intertwined". To this end, the research unit departed its previous seat in Frechen and since January has been part of the "Future Campus for Innovation and Business" in Cologne-Hürth. The SOLARWATT technology center is now in the immediate vicinity of two universities of excellence, two Helmholtz research centers, and several technical colleges.