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SOLARWATT cooperates with real estate group Vonovia

SOLARWATT cooperates with real estate group Vonovia
(C) Frank Grätz, Vonovia

New megawatt project for SOLARWATT: The Dresden-based premium provider of complete photovoltaic systems supports Vonovia's „1,000 roofs“-program. Germany's largest real estate company will be supplied by SOLARWATT with ready-to-use PV systems with a total output of more than one megawatt. Already, 27 residential buildings of eight Vonovia properties in Dresden have been equipped with SOLARWATT PV modules. Starting at the end of August, more than 90 additional roofs are to be equipped with solar systems. In the next years, Vonovia, a Bochum-based DAX company, plans to equip at least 1,000 roofs with photovoltaic systems throughout Germany.

The plan to install photovoltaic systems has been underway since April of this year. SOLARWATT Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus welcomes the fact that Vonovia intends to rely on solar power in the future: "Climate change can only be kept at bay if all parties involved rethink their approach and participate in pushing towards the inevitable energy revolution. Until now, photovoltaic systems were primarily to be found on single-family houses. We are very pleased that Vonovia is now the first large housing company to integrate solar systems in apartment buildings in Germany and therefore set an example for others to follow."

"We built a 3D-simulation for many of our roofs and initially identified more than 5,000 particularly suitable roof areas. These previously unused areas offer great potential for sustainable energy generation. Since the beginning of this year, we have been conducting on-site inspections to check the suitability of the buildings," explains Rafael Wilke, team leader for photovoltaics at Vonovia, when asked about the process.