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SOLARWATT: EnergyManager X nominated for German Design Award 2020


Innovative and aesthetic: SOLARWATT's EnergyManager X has been nominated for the prestigious German Design Award 2020. The small black box is the brain of the decentralized energy system, which adapts household energy consumption to the power generated by the photovoltaic system. This significantly reduces the electricity bill.

"We are very pleased about the high-calibre nomination. The EnergyManager is the smallest component in a photovoltaic system and is often underestimated. The device is an elementary building block when it comes to energy self-sufficiency," says SOLARWATT Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus. "We have attached great importance to usability and design in the latest generation of our EnergyManager. The result is an easy-to-use plug & play solution that would be far too good to be installed in a switch box," he adds.

The digitalization of the energy industry offers operators of a photovoltaic system many opportunities to control electronic devices in order to save electricity costs - for example through smart energy management. The SOLARWATT EnergyManager hardware is smaller than a WLAN router and is installed in the living room. The device maximizes the self-consumption of the self-generated solar power by automatically switching on the connected consumers when solar energy is available. Alternatively, it provides for the intermediate storage of the electricity in a battery, controls the supply of the heat pump or the charging of an electric vehicle. In addition, the EnergyManager automatically regulates compliance with legal feed-in limitation requirements in order to make operation of the system even more convenient for the customer.

Every year, the German Design Council proposes outstanding products in the two competition groups "Excellent Product Design" and "Excellent Communications Design" - an international jury awards the German Design Award to the best. The prize is one of the most recognized design competitions and enjoys a high reputation worldwide. The award ceremony will take place on 7 February 2020 as part of the international "Ambiente" trade fair in Frankfurt.