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E-mobility summit in Berlin – photovoltaics is driving the mobility transition

Environmental friendliness is still the main motive for the purchase an electric car. Therefore, more and more users are focusing on charging their vehicles with green energy - for example, with inexpensive and ecofriendly solar power. The combination of PV systems and e-mobility plays a major role for SOLARWATT customers: In a recent survey, two thirds of users of the SOLARWATT energy management system stated they were interested in an electric vehicle charging station or were already planning to purchase one. This puts them at the forefront of sector coupling.

SOLARWATT’s CEO Detlef Neuhaus: "Owners of photovoltaic systems are already aware of the possibility of combining the energy and transport worlds. Electric vehicles charged with green solar power not only drive more environmentally friendly, they also place significantly less strain on the power grid. Furthermore, the lower costs involved in recharging electric vehicles this way also make electric cars far more economically attractive. This is an important argument in view of the current discussion on costs in the field of electric mobility".

Photovoltaics, in particular, will play an important role for e-mobility, as solar systems will generate the electricity needed to power electric vehicles increasingly in the future. In a recent study, the Fraunhofer Institute ISE even describes photovoltaics as a "game changer for the global energy system", with particular significance in the transport sector.

The environmentally driven changes for traffic systems and the shift towards e-mobility were some of the main topics when the chairmen of the German automotive companies and trade union representatives met Angela Merkel and her government team at the Chancellor's Office on June 24th. The automotive industry, for example, calls for a clear political framework to support technological change and additional incentives to buy electric cars, so they can become more established throughout society.