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SOLARWATT receives "Made in Germany" seal

SOLARWATT receives "Made in Germany" seal of Stern magazine
Made in Germany

SOLARWATT, the supplier of photovoltaic systems based in Dresden, manufactures its products exclusively in Germany. For this reason, the company has now been awarded the "Made in Germany" quality label by the Stern magazine. Together with experts of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics and the Institute for Management and Economic Research, the renowned weekly magazine has examined more than 300 companies. German companies with a vertical range of manufacture in Germany of more than 50 percent were honoured.

SOLARWATT has been developing and producing solar modules in the north of Dresden since 1993. The premium photovoltaic system supplier also manufactures its energy management systems and home battery systems in Germany. For Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus, the local production site is a clear competitive advantage: "It has never played a role for us to produce abroad for slightly lower costs. It’s a matter of trust from our customers that we earned over the years. They can be sure that our products bearing the 'Made in Germany' label will actually be manufactured by us in Germany. In addition, we have built up a powerful team over the past 25 years and are one of the largest employers in Dresden. We are the living proof that photovoltaics is still at home in Germany."

Especially in the energy sector, several German companies came up with important innovations in recent years. Many of these technology leading companies are from the German mittelstand: "You can find highly innovative companies in Germany that could accelerate the energy transition with intelligent full system solutions. The technical solutions for cheap, green energy are available and competitive. It is now in the hands of politicians to use our technological edge in this area for climate protection in Germany," says Neuhaus.