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Intersolar Europe 2019: SOLARWATT brings the energy, heat and transport revolution together

Intersolar: SOLARWATT combines energy, heat and traffic revolution
  • Integrated energy: EnergyManager incorporates water heaters, heat pumps and electric vehicles
  • New modules: Half-cell and none-glare glass-glass modules
  • New MyReserve Command control unit

“One World. One Mission. One System.” This is the motto of SOLARWATT's presence at this year's Intersolar Europe. At the trade fair, the German premium manufacturer will be demonstrating how to combine the energy revolution with sustainable transport and thermal energy by using SOLARWATT’s integrated solar system, which has been expanded and improved with new features. SOLARWATT’s managing director Detlef Neuhaus: "The global fight against climate change will only be successful if we think about the sustainable energy transition, the transport transition and the thermal energy transition as one. Our solar system integrates all household applications that previously consumed a lot of fossil energy - heating, cooling, hot water, and mobility besides electric power generation itself. If many households each save just a fraction of conventionally generated energy this way, we will get a huge step closer to the necessary CO2 reduction. With a small contribution by many, the climate goals are much easier to achieve. This is a much better path than abstract discussions on the large amount of CO2 that still needs to be reduced worldwide."

EnergyManager: the brain of the decentral energy system

Central building block of the decentralized energy system is the EnergyManager. It links the components in a way that all parts of the system mesh perfectly. Each household can thus integrate, control and optimize its entire energy supply. As an intelligent command center, the EnergyManager not only measures and visualizes the battery level of an electric vehicle, but also simultaneously optimizes the charging process. Users thus have the choice between time-optimised or solar-optimised charging. This ensures that the vehicle can be charged with solar power generated by the user’s own PV system, which is environmentally friendly and reduces backfeeding.

With EnergyManager, the heating element EGO Smart Heater can now also be integrated into the energy system. It supplements the SG-ready interface for heat pumps with an easy-to-retrofit solution for water heating. SOLARWATT thus enables further possibilities to sensibly use excess solar energy directly at its source.

New: Non-glare glass and overhead modules in standard size

SOLARWATT is presenting new additions to the popular Vision glass-glass module series at Intersolar 2019: The Vision 60M black glass-glass module, which is black throughout, will now also be available with none-glare front glass. This glass enables solar systems to be installed in areas where sunlight reflections should be avoided, like densely built-up family housing, where glare effects are particularly disturbing. In addition, the glass conforms to the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and can also be installed on buildings near airports.

In addition, a further SOLARWATT glass-glass module has passed the internal tests for the general building authority approval (ABZ). The framed 60 cell module will in future be permitted for installations as carport roofing and veranda canopies. The approval of the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt) has already been requested. With the forthcoming approval, the Vision 60M build module is the first standard module to be regarded as a regulated building product.

Half-cell glass-glass module shown as a prototype

In Munich, the market leader for glass-glass modules will present his prototype of a half-cell module for the first time. "We are using this year's trade fair to get feedback from the market. When deciding on new products, it is important for us to have our customers on board," says Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus. The special feature of the SOLARWATT half-cell module is a patented technology, making it possible to elegantly combine the benefits of the half-cut cell technology with all the advantages of a glass-glass module for the first time: In contrast to other manufacturers, the drill holes in the rear glass are located in areas uncritical for stability. In addition to increased performance and improved shade resistance, the robustness and durability of the glass-glass module are fully preserved.

MyReserve: New control unit enables additional applications

The award-winning MyReserve battery will also receive an important update this year: SOLARWATT will present the new version of the MyReserve Command control unit at the trade show. The SOLARWATT battery accepts a maximum DC voltage of 1,000 volts, so that up to 22 modules can be integrated into one string per control unit. MyReserve can now also be installed outdoors thanks to improved sealing and an anti-theft device. In order to keep the battery software up to date, MyReserve Command 25 will also allow updates via Internet, on condition that the owner has given his approval.


SOLARWATT stand at the Intersolar Europe fair: B1.110/111