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SOLARWATT: New offer for municipal utilities

SOLARWATT presents a new range of products for municipal utilities: As partners of the premium photovoltaic manufacturer, municipal energy suppliers have the opportunity to include complete photovoltaic systems in their own product portfolio. The packages contain all components of a PV system optimally matched to each other and are provided from one single source. SOLARWATT configures these complete PV solutions according to the wishes of the utilitiy. The PV system is as well offered as white label in the energy supplier's design. So utilities save the high costs of an in-house development as well as for setting up and maintaining sales and service structures: They can immediately rely on the dense network of installers and the proven SOLARWATT service.

"I have emphasized it before: We are not interested in replacing energy suppliers with our PV systems. Together we want to pave the way for the decentralized energy system of the future," says SOLARWATT Managing Director Detlef Neuhaus. "Rising customer demands and increasing price sensitivity are a challenge for utilities. With our complete PV solution, they can tie their customers more closely to themselves by offering them much more than just a simple electricity product. At the same time, they position themselves for the megatrend of electromobility," says Neuhaus.

Focus on e-mobility

The SOLARWATT packages are based on the EnergyManager, an intelligent control center that monitors and controls all energy flows in a home from generation to consumption. The technology platform integrates the most important energy management applications such as power storage units, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles. Electromobility in particular is regarded as a major driver of intelligent photovoltaic systems. The EnergyManager ensures that the vehicle is charged with self-generated solar power in an environmentally friendly way. The future vision for the further development of the energy management is a virtual power plant: The individual decentralised prosumers are to be combined via the EnergyManager to form one power plant.

SOLARWATT and Kiwigrid intensify cooperation

Regarding the development of the EnergyManager SOLARWATT has been working with Kiwigrid GmbH since 2012. The new offer for municipal utilities is the first step in an intensified cooperation between the two energy companies. The focus lies on the integration of electric mobility in the PV system and the development of new business models. "For the energy world of these days, there must be efficient energy systems where all relevant elements are integrated and which can be controlled centrally. In order to further develop these solutions, we have been expanding our reliable partnership with Kiwigrid, one of the leading providers in the digital sector," says Detlef Neuhaus. "Customers today already want clean energy, mobility and heat from a single source. SOLARWATT is setting standards for this and will be launching further innovations on the market in the future. We are proud to be part of this mission," adds Kiwigrid Managing Director Matthias Hertel.