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The intelligent city of the future: Kiwigrid and SOLARWATT set a first milestone

A parking lot for electric vehicles that is at the same time a charging station where the parked electric cars are supplied with environmentally friendly solar energy. The two companies Kiwigrid and SOLARWATT have successfully reached this first milestone for the energy and transport revolution in cooperation with the Dresden Electronical Education and Technology Center e. V.

The first self-sufficient parking lot is located on Scharfenberger Straße in Dresden. It has six parking spaces shelves under a solar carport with charging options and 42 additional parking lots. The internet of things platform of the Dresden-based company Kiwigrid, in conjunction with a SOLARWATT photovoltaic system, ensures that solar modules, electricity storage, charging stations and the public grid communicate with each other. The charging stations and the LED lighting system are supplied solely with solar energy.

In the ideal case, this system can autonomously cover its own energy consumption completely with solar energy. Power from the grid is only used when the self-generated solar energy is expended. "This intelligent combination of renewable energy generation, electricity storage and the grid is an important step on the way to a more environmentally friendly energy and transport world," enthuses SOLARWATT CEO Detlef Neuhaus.

"Parking spaces that allow the charging of electric vehicles to 100 percent from solar energy are a component of the intelligent city of the future. Together with our partners from Dresden, we will show how they work and what potential they can bring to a city like Dresden, "explains Kiwigrid CEO Matthias Hertel.

Even surrounding buildings benefit from the clean solar energy

During the year, the photovoltaic system in the parking lot generates more energy than it needs. However, it is not planned to feed the surplus energy into the public grid. On the contrary, the solar power will be consumed on site in order to relieve the grid. In the future, adjacent buildings can as well benefit from the environmentally friendly solar power.

The model facility was planned and implemented by the Competence Center (Komzet) "Intelligent Energy Management - Intelligent Networks - Prosumer Networks" (funded by BAFA and BMWi from 2016 to 2019).


About Kiwigrid

Kiwigrid aims to help utilities, vehicle manufacturers, and manufacturers of distributed energy resources master the energy transition. Customers of the Dresden company use the energy service platform to open up new markets, diversify their products and services, and pull ahead of their competition. To make this possible, Kiwigrid offers them digital technologies and services that help increase energy efficiency, optimize the use of renewable energies, pave the way for electric vehicles, and stabilize grids.

Kiwigrid GmbH was founded in 2011 and now employs over 160 staff from various parts of the world. Since then, the company has built up a wealth of expertise in energy as it relates to the Internet of Things and intelligent energy management. Kiwigrid is one of the world’s leading technology companies in these areas and was once again included on the Global Cleantech 100 list in February 2018. AQTON SE, LG Electronics and innogy SE form a solid foundation of strategic shareholders. For more information:



Founded in 1993 and active worldwide, SOLARWATT GmbH is one of the leading German manufacturers of complete photovoltaic systems. The company is the European market leader in glass-glass solar modules and is one of the largest suppliers of electricity storage systems. For 25 years, SOLARWATT has stood for premium quality, Made in Germany. International names such as BMW i, Bosch, and E.ON cooperate with the Dresden-based company, which employs some 350 people worldwide.
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About Electronic education and technology center:

The Electronic Educational and Technology Center e. V. Dresden (EBZ) is a recognized educational center for business-oriented and sustainable education and training of skilled crafts and industry professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, information and communication technology as well as intelligent energy technologies. For more information: