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SOLARWATT starts cooperation with Bayernwerk AG

SOLARWATT has entered into a partnership with Bavaria's largest regional utility, Bayernwerk AG in Regensburg. The cooperation with the E.ON subsidiary will focus on the multiple award-winning MyReserve battery as well as joint sales activities in the region.

"Right from the start, we positioned ourselves not as competitors but as a partner to energy suppliers," says Detlef Neuhaus, CEO of SOLARWATT. "It is not a question of replacing them, but of jointly developing sensible solutions for the transition to renewable energies. Thanks to our broad product portfolio, we can offer an individual photovoltaic solution for every customer use-case," Neuhaus continues. 

Batteries complete the Bayernwerk energy solution

"Our new business partner, Bayernwerk AG, is deeply rooted in its region. This has great potential for us," explains Detlef Neuhaus. Bayernwerk AG offers the EnergyManager from the SOLARWATT product portfolio, under a white label brand, in addition to the MyReserve battery. The energy product will be initially available in the area of Bayernwerk's Schwandorf customer center and the first MyReserve battery has already been installed.

"We are very pleased to expand our portfolio with a ‘Made in Germany’ battery solution. Thanks to our cooperation with SOLARWATT, our customers are becoming the engine of the energy future: they generate, store, use, and distribute electricity," summarizes Bayernwerk CEO, Reimund Gotzel. "With this package we are setting an example on the battery market and driving the energy revolution forward together with citizens".