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Complete packages, now complete with batteries!

The MyReserve battery will become an essential component of SOLARWATT's complete packages: Starting in May this year, all complete packages from the Dresden-based premium supplier will be sold with batteries. There will be a total of seven basic packages with a PV output of 2 - 10 kWp, covering all applications from private households to commercial operations. Thanks to its modular design, the MyReserve battery can be integrated into all system sizes. "Anyone who decides for photovoltaics today does so with a long-term view. For maximum self-sufficiency with solar power, a suitable battery is now simply a must. We have seen trend continue and are expanding our product range in line with our customers' desire for energy independence," says SOLARWATT CEO, Detlef Neuhaus. 

In addition to the latest generation of MyReserve, the SOLARWATT complete packages include the long-lasting glass-glass modules of the Vision series, the EnergyManager, a Fronius inverter, and all accessories. All package configurations can be extended with a Bosch Junkers heat pump to further increase self-produced power consumption.

"Thanks to our system strategy, all elements of our complete packages are optimally coordinated and therefore highly efficient," says Sven Schwarz, Vice President Sales Support. "A scenario where all components of a photovoltaic system are easily compatible and speak the same language is not the case industry-wide." Ordering a complete package also simplifies the logistical work for the installer who assembles the system. He or she only receives one article number and one complete delivery. "In addition, installers and end-customers benefit equally from the price advantages when purchasing an complete package – that’s what we mean by good service!" says Schwarz.