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Praise for Saxonian heros of the energy revolution: Business magazine, brand eins, awards Dresden-based companies, SOLARWATT and Kiwigrid

Dresden. Two Saxonian energy companies working towards a renewable future, SOLARWATT and Kiwigrid, are among the most innovative companies in Germany – as reported by brand eins. Both companies were recognized by the prestigious business magazine for their outstanding innovative spirit. The brand eins ranking is based on a meta-analysis and a survey of more than 22,000 people, including experts from the Berlin Institute for Innovations and the Statista Expert Circle.

Kiwigrid, software provider in the Internet of Things field, and SOLARWATT, premium provider of photovoltaic systems, were awarded in the category "Energy & Environment". The categorisation is comprised of three innovation areas, products & services, processes, and corporate culture. Both companies were awarded the title "Top Innovator" for the second time.

Renewable energies are one of the innovation drivers in Saxony. Companies in the photovoltaic industry have their headquarters in all three major Saxonian cities and have become an important economic factor for the state," commented SOLARWATT Managing Director, Detlef Neuhaus, on the award from the renowned business medium. “Companies such as SOLARWATT are attracting bright minds from all over Germany to Dresden because, unlike other energy sectors, they offer future-oriented jobs," says Neuhaus. Last year, SOLARWATT's workforce grew by 50 employees across the group. Another increase of about 40 new jobs is planned for 2018.