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Innovation at E-world: SOLARWATT EnergyManager Integrates Electromobility

SOLARWATT CEO Neuhaus:"Refueling electric vehicles for 10 cents per kWh" +++ SOLARWATT strives for further cooperation with municipal utilities and energy suppliers

Dresden. At the E-world energy & water trade fair in Essen, SOLARWATT is showing a groundbreaking expansion of its energy management range: The SOLARWATT EnergyManager now also enables intelligent charging of electric vehicles with solar power. As a result, private solar consumption can be significantly increased, since the EnergyManager ensures that as much electricity as possible from the PV system is  consumed within the household. As a result, end users save money because they have to purchase even less expensive grid electricity. At the same time, there is no need to feed green solar power back into the grid, which in turn reduces grid instability. “Electric vehicles can be refuelled with solar power for around 10 cents per kWh. It costs just a third of grey grid power," says SOLARWATT CEO, Detlef Neuhaus. In addition, only with a solar charger are customers one hundred percent certain that the vehicle was really refuelled with green electricity. Anyone who relies on environmentally friendly electric vehicles does not necessarily want to charge them with coal-fired power."

SOLARWATT relies on open-type applications

The new EnergyManager smart e-Mobility app lets the customer choose whether to charge their electric vehicle cost-, time-, solar-power- or CO2-optimized manner. In addition, the app ensures that the e-vehicle is fully loaded exactly when it is needed. This saves the owner time and planning effort. The e-Mobility feature is based on a open type charging protocol that is compatible with all common charging stations. The basis for this is the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) technology, which is establishing itself as the standard for charging electric vehicles. This means that purchasing an e-vehicle and integrating the charging station into an existing solar power system can be realised without any problems.

Further cooperations with municipal utilities and energy suppliers planned

SOLARWATT is working together with the electricity utilities of the Canton of Zurich (EKZ) to further develop the EnergyManager. The strategic cooperation agreement concluded last year is part of the SOLARWATT Key Account Strategy. The innovations of the EnergyManager are built on the leading European-wide IoT platform of the Dresden-based software company, Kiwigrid, a long-standing partner of SOLARWATT.

SOLARWATT EnergyManager: Navigation system in the Smart Grid

At E-world, SOLARWATT will continue to present solutions for an intelligent, decentralised energy system that will enable municipal utilities and energy suppliers to position themselves for the electricity market of the future. The focus for future energy solutions is the SOLARWATT EnergyManager, which can be used as a open-system navigation device for applications in the Smart Grid. The basic goal of the EnergyManager in the household is to monitor the energy flows and maximize the internal consumption of the privately-produced PV electricity. Connected appliances such as heat pumps, heating rods, or air-conditioning units are clocked in when solar power is available, so that no grid power has to be supplied. For public utilities and energy suppliers, the EnergyManager offers the platform through which each individual prosumer can be networked to form a large virtual power plant.

The E-world energy & water trade fair will take place from February 6-8, 2018 in Essen. SOLARWATT will be presenting in in Hall 6 on stand number 608.

Founded in 1993 and active worldwide, SOLARWATT is one of the leading German manufacturers of complete photovoltaic systems. The company is the European market leader for glass-glass solar modules and is one of the largest suppliers of electricity storage systems. All products are developed in-house, manufactured in Germany, and distinguish themselves by their premium quality. For several years now, BMW i, Bosch, and E. ON have been cooperating with the Saxonian company, which employs ca. 350 people worldwide.