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German market surveillance authority praises safety concept of the SOLARWATT MyReserve battery

Dresden. High praise for SOLARWATT: The safety concept of the MyReserve battery system has been confirmed in a recent test report from the German market surveillance authority for home batteries. Accordingly, SOLARWATT is entitled to use the recognized CE product marking for its battery. It states that the device complies with all requirements of the applicable EC directives and can be safely sold throughout the EU.

The authority found the software update process for MyReserve particularly noteworthy: they are performed by the installer with a stick (similar to USB) developed by SOLARWATT. The storage systems are not directly accessible over the internet, which maximizes protection against hacker attacks.

"‘Security is non-negotiable.’ This credo guided us throughout the entire development phase of our battery storage system", says Dr. Olaf Wollersheim, Managing Director of SOLARWATT INNOVATION." The CE label, whose requirements we have repeatedly had tested by independent laboratories, symbolizes our sense of responsibility towards our customers. We hope that in the near future all battery manufacturers will demonstrate a similar sense of duty." 

The SOLARWATT MyReserve complies with both the Low Voltage Directive, the EMC Directive, and the transport requirements of UN 38.3. In addition, the system has been tested to meet the extensive requirements of the Li-ion Home Storage Safety Guide.