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SOLARWATT praised for 'adaptable, flexible, and study' MyReserve Matrix module battery storage system

Delighted to receive the award were SOLARWATT employees Lydia Hermes, Michiel Van Schalkwijk, Corinne Rijntjes, and Pol Spronck.

Amsterdam. SOLARWATT, one of the leading German manufacturers of photovoltaic systems, has won top industry praise for its pioneering MyReserve Matrix solar battery system, which enables both householders and businesses to fulfil their precise power storage requirements.

The company won first place in the Smart Energy Storage Residential category of the respected Solar + Power Awards at The Dylan Hotel, Amsterdam. The industry awards are organised by Angel Business Communications, also manager of the Solar UK, Smart Solar and Solar Ireland conferences.

“SOLARWATT GmbH and its MyReserve Matrix Battery is a leading example of a simplified power storage solution that is adaptable, flexible and sturdy, supporting residential and commercial needs from 2 kWh to 2 MWh,” the judge told SOLARWATT.

MyReserve Matrix sets new standards for the battery storage market: the system is completely modular. The battery module and intelligence unit are each housed in solid, highly secure aluminum blocks, which means that no additional cladding is required. Each individual module is the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 25kg. By combining these two basic components, any storage capacity from 2 kWh to 2 MWh can be configured.

The SOLARWATT battery is equally suited for private household use and commercial storage. MyReserve Matrix is also flexible in terms of performance – each connected battery module increases performance by 800 watts. The new battery storage system is suitable for all conceivable applications and can be perfectly adapted to each individual customer’s needs.

Pol Spronck, International Sales Manager, SOLARWATT, said: “This is a big honour and shows we’re far from alone in thinking Matrix is ideal for customers and installers.”

The Solar + Power Awards have, for a decade, been the only peer-decided awards for the international solar industry. “We believe it is important to highlight the technological achievements within the industry and the innovation in the supply chain,” said Jackie Cannon, Editor & Publisher of Solar + Power Management Magazine. “The professionals within the value chain are the best at judging excellence in their field”.

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