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Unlimited green energy: SOLARWATT has developed the first fully modular battery storage system.

SOLARWATT, one of the leading German suppliers of premium photovoltaic systems, presents today the world’s first fully modular battery in Berlin. The MyReserve Matrix storage system is almost unlimited in terms of capacity and performance, making it suitable for any number of different applications: from single-family homes up to industrial use. "While the policy of conversion to renewable energies languishes in abstract discussion, customers from private or commercial sectors can already buy market-ready solutions," says SOLARWATT CEO Detlef Neuhaus. "Our latest generation batteries will fundamentally change the power storage market. This is the first system that flexibly adapts to individual customer requirements, rather than the opposite."

Two Basic Components, Each the Size of a Shoebox.
The MyReserve storage system now consists only of two elements the size of a shoebox: the MyReserve Pack battery module and the MyReserve Command power electronics. All connectors, sensors, and software are completely contained in this small module. "Our entire system is based on a matrix of these two basic building blocks," says Dr. Andreas Gutsch, Managing Director of the SOLARWATT INNOVATION technology center, who is responsible for the development of the MyReserve battery. If users need more storage capacity or performance, an unlimited number of MyReserve Pack or Command modules can be combined. This allows application-oriented configurations as small as 2.2 kWh or as large as 2 MWh. "With uncompromisingly scalable performance and capacity, there is a home battery on the market for the first time that fits all applications. Our installers need only deal with these two components. This means less training, storage, and transport costs - and, last but not least, faster and easier installation", says Dr. Gutsch.

The customizable size of the storage system makes profitability even more achievable for end-customers. The modular structure also has advantages for the further internationalization of the SOLARWATT Group: "This consistent modularity will make it easier for us to introduce the MyReserve successfully in the various foreign markets that are of interest to us," adds Carsten Bovenschen, CFO of SOLARWATT GmbH. "If the battery needs to be adapted to specific conditions on site, only one of the building blocks needs to be modified, instead of the entire product. This results in significant scale effects."
Foundation for Network Services Laid
The new MyReserve Matrix battery storage system will be available as of summer 2017. In future, the coupling of further green energy sources will also be possible. This means that electricity from other locally available sources, such as a wind turbines or biogas plants, can be stored in a SOLARWATT battery. "This is even more environmentally friendly than ecoelectricity, which is fed into the grid by green power generators. Grid expansion is unavoidably associated with environmental and natural implications," says Detlef Neuhaus. "The ability to store various sources of energy in the network is the cornerstone of value added network services of our MyReserve," Neuhaus continues.

Resource Conservation Thanks to a High Reuse Rate
Even during the early development of the SOLARWATT MyReserve, the entire lifecycle of the product was thought through to its end. Its modularity facilitates both expansion and possible repair. An uncomplicated dismantling of the entire battery also allows SOLARWATT to recycle more than 80% of the product at the end of its life. Aside from the battery cells, all parts needed for the MyReserve come from Germany. The systems are manufactured in Frechen, near Cologne, and Dresden. SOLARWATT therefore has control over the entire production process of its batteries, including all electronic components and software.