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„Top Innovation“: SOLARWATT wins PV Magazine Award for MyReserve battery storage device


Another award for the photovoltaic systems provider, SOLARWATT: MyReserve has been selected as "Top Innovation" by the renowned professional publication, PV Magazine. According to Editor-in-chief Michael Fuhs, "the system has earned the Innovation Prize because of a number of ground breaking properties which the company has already made publicly known. These include system speed, control accuracy, low standby consumption, and battery management. They focus on efficiently reducing unnecessary grid feed-in as well as unnecessary purchases from the grid." This is necessary for optimally self-supplying with solar power. The PV Magazine Award is adjudicated by three independent jurors and is awarded quarterly for sustainable products and business concepts.

For SOLARWATT Ceo, Detlef Neuhaus, PV Magazine's award confirms corporate philosophy: "As with all our system components, we placed great emphasis on the details of our storage device, which may not be as big a focus for other manufacturers. This includes, for example, the speed at which the battery management system responds to a change in electricity demand. The complex safety mechanisms, which guarantee safe operation of the storage device at all times, have always been at the top of our list of priorities. This conscientiousness pays off. "

The already multi-award-winning SOLARWATT battery device MyReserve is based on DC technology and can be easily integrated into existing solar systems. The modular battery is a top performer with a system efficiency of 96 percent. Its processor performance and a sophisticated battery management system make for a response time to changing power demands of less than one second. This contributes significantly to the cost-effectiveness of the entire PV system, since this significantly increases consumption of self-produced electricity and thereby reduces the costs for additional grid power. Via a flexible expansion, the capacity and performance of the MyReserve can be further increased and adapted to each user’s energy requirements.