PV systems: powerful and cost-effective.

The SOLARWATT System Approach - all components from one source

The system concept is the basis of our corporate philosophy. The interaction of our products reflects our core competencies of generating energy, managing energy and storing energy.

Your advantage: We optimally adapt the entire energy flow, from generation on the roof to consumption in your household, according to your needs. Solar modules, EnergyManager and solar batteries as well as all additional components are coordinated and well-matched and manufactured in premium quality. Everything for your maximum benefit. Our PV system’s components are also compatible with other manufacturers and therefore a secure investment for your energy future.

Economical system

Economic efficiency is our focus point during the development of any of our products. We provide you with a system that delivers environmentally friendly energy for generations. We also offer you the best guarantee conditions on the market. We are a one-stop shop. This means that you can discuss all topics with just one contact person. The goal is to make the energy revolution possible for everyone and to make transitions as easy as possible. As a solar system owner, you should be able to lean back comfortably.

With our award-winning solar systems, you can directly consume as much of your own solar power as possible. This allows you to cover up to 80 percent of your electricity demand, giving you the highest possible independence from energy suppliers.

High quality and service

Made in Germany

As a German company we develop and produce all components at our locations in Dresden and Frechen (near Cologne).  

30 Year Warranty

We guarantee that your PV modules will function for 30 years and still provide at least 87 % of their original output.


We insure your system and your electricity yield free of charge against storms, vandalism, theft, technical defects, and other damage.

All you need for your complete solar system

Become your own electricity utility


Produce your own solar current


  • Vision 60 M style
  • Vision 60M high power
  • Vision 60P
  • Vision 36M glass


  • Eco 120M
  • Eco 60M style


Optimize self-produced solar energy


Use your solar current instead of feeding it into the grid


  • inverter
  • heat pump
  • hot water preparation
  • charging station E-car