Package Store from SOLARWATT - Photovoltaic Systems with storage battery

Use solar power no matter what time of day: It's no longer a problem with the SOLARWATT Store Complete Package. The integrated battery storage system makes it possible to use solar power anytime - day or night - whenever you need it.

Use solar power in the evening or on rainy days - MyReserve makes it possible. Not only do you improve your internal consumption and reduce your energy bills, your returns also increase as your internal consumption increases. MyReserve makes your SOLARWATT photovoltaic system a recommendable investment.

The individual components

You use as little electricity from the power supply company as possible, because MyReserve 500 has the highest efficiency: 96% round-trip in best point and 93% in full cycle. The SOLARWATT Energy Manager controls energy flows and ensures that the power that is not immediately consumed is stored for later use.

Thanks to the SOLARWATT MyReserve storage system, you can use the solar power that your photovoltaic system  generates during the day when you actually need it – regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

The package includes everything you need for your energy independence.

Quality Products Made in Germany

Maximum-yield solar modules

Only glass-glass modules are included in the Store Complete Package - offering maximum yield, they are especially long-lasting and durable and extremely resistant to external influences. 

30 year warranty

SOLARWATT glass-glass modules have a 30 year Product and Performance Warranty.

5 year insurance included**

The Store Complete Package also includes FullCoverage insurance covering all components of your photovoltaic system free of charge for the first 5 years.

10 year battery module warranty

The package includes a Performance Warranty for 10 years for the MyReserve based on the battery modules.

Everything from one source

All components in the package are Made in Germany by a single manufacturer in proven premium quality.