The solution for hot water preparation - SOLARWATT Package Heat

A heat pump is included with your solar system in the Heat Complete Package. Heating with photovoltaic energy has never been this easy. And here's the best part: You save both energy and heating costs. With the combination of a photovoltaic system and heat pump, you can cover almost your entire hot water requirement for 7 months of the year using solar power.

The SOLARWATT Energy Manager makes it possible: the intelligent control unit for your Heat Complete Package solar system. You can cover up to 80% of your heat pump's energy requirement with power generated from your PV system.

Efficient hot water preparation with solar power is made easy with the SOLARWATT Heat Complete Package. Everything that you need is included in the package. The high-quality individual components correspond to the high SOLARWATT quality standard.

Thanks to the innovative technologies of SOLARWATT and Bosch/Junkers, you can cover all of your hot water requirement from April to October with solar power from your photovoltaic system, significantly increase your internal consumption and permanently lower your energy costs.

Quality Products Made in Germany

Longest-lasting solar modules

The glass-glass 60 P modules in the Heat Complete Package are especially long-lasting, durable and guarantee reliable yields. 

30 year warranty

SOLARWATT glass-glass modules have a 30 year Product and Performance Warranty. 

5 year insurance included**

The Heat Complete Package also includes KomplettSchutz insurance covering all components of your photovoltaic system free of charge for the first 5 years.

Everything from one source

All components in the package are "Made in Germany" by a single manufacturer in proven premium quality at an affordable package price.

The individual components

* = KomplettSchutz is all risks insurance for your PV system. Heat pumps are excluded.

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