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Solar PV – the modern energy source for farmers building a legacy

Solar PV – the modern energy source for farmers building a legacy

We sometimes forget it but farming is a very entrepreneurial activity. Like any business owners, the custodians of the landscape are out to maximise returns from their assets and address multiple risks, while building a lasting legacy for future generations. To get the most from their investment, farmers rely on high-tech equipment to plant and harvest crops, use the latest pharmaceuticals to keep herds healthy, and interpret complex data on the move. Innovation is crucial both to run the business and ensure it’s sufficiently attractive to pass on at the right time. Energy is a big cost for farmers and the risk of grid failure is too big to ignore. Meanwhile, many rural entrepreneurs are committed to reducing their CO2 emissions, for legal and ethical reasons.


Rigorous testing to withstand gas and moisture in all conditions

The agricultural sector is fast discovering the savings and independence the latest PV technologies can deliver. As a German manufacturer, SOLARWATT has been at the cutting edge of this revolution for 25 years. SOLARWATT premium photovoltaic systems capture the power of the sun to deliver clean energy that helps protect and preserve countryside businesses. Ideally, farmers want solar PV modules to last as long as the roofs that hold them. For independence and peace of mind, our SOLARWATT Vision glass-glass modules are robust, reliable, long-lasting and equipped to perform in all farming environments and weather conditions. Strong, stable and durable, Vision is the ‘generational module’, an energy solution to address challenges such as weather, gases and ‘wear and tear’. With 2mm glass front and rear, cells are completely protected against penetration by moisture, oxygen and other gases. In the harshest conditions, Vision modules maintain their superior performance for decades. Our rigorously tested modules withstand thick snow loads, aggressive gases such as ammonia, and acid rain – so energy yields remain stable, year after year. That means we can offer an industry-leading 30-year warranty on product and performance, covering repair and replacement, transport and reinstallation costs, through your local partner.

The choice of entrepreneurs

And Vision modules yield an average 50% higher return, achieved sustainably – glass is durable and recyclable, and our ultra-modern production methods keep energy consumption to a minimum. Agricultural standards are a big priority for commercial customers and shoppers alike, so modern farmers will want to promote their sustainable energy sourcing as well as their ethical methods. Our advanced modules, batteries and energy management systems offer lasting protection against energy price volatility and grid failure. And you can be sure of our support – SOLARWATT has been leading the way in PV systems for 25 years, our international sales and support network means we’re never far away and, as part of the family that owns BMW, we’re financially strong. To ensure financial viability and create a positive legacy for future generations, forward-thinking farmers are adopting innovative technologies and practices. Working with SOLARWATT, they are protecting their business – and the environment.