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SOLARWATT expands with Eco range as sales of glass-glass modules surge ahead

SOLARWATT glass-foil-modules Eco

SOLARWATT, the premium provider of photovoltaic systems, is to convert its entire panel manufacturing to its premium-quality Vision glass-glass modules in response to growing demand in Europe and internationally.

The company is also launching a new range of glass-foil solar PV modules to serve the many customers who wish to benefit from SOLARWATT’s high standards of product and service quality, at a lower price.

Demand for Vision glass-glass modules leads to launch of glass-foil range production of Vision modules in Dresden

The focus on Vision has been extremely successful. SOLARWATT has more than tripled market share of its glass-glass modules over the past three years, accounting for 85% of its module sales. Almost one in every 10 PV systems installed on the roofs of German homes is equipped with the company’s robust glass-glass solar modules, according to industry statistics.

Vision glass-glass modules are long-lasting and extremely durable – they’re also lightweight and straightforward to install. With maximum yield reliability, mechanical strength and fire resistance, they offer 100% protection against degradation. The modules come with 30-year guarantees on both product and performance.

Market response has led to a decision to outsource the production of glass-foil modules in order to serve demand while avoiding capacity constraints. After developing its new PERC-cell glass-foil module, SOLARWATT engaged in an intensive search before choosing its supply partner.

Eco 60M and Eco 60M style: designed for European market, with our unique insurance options

Eco modules are manufactured according to SOLARWATT’s specification and quality policy and have been developed in close cooperation with country managers to address specific market demands. Eco 60M modules feature a white back sheet and silver frame; Eco 60M style modules have a black back sheet and black frame.

SOLARWATT’s OEM partner is approved ISO 9001 and ISO 14001; the modules are certified to TÜV Süd and IEC standards, with MCS approval. A team from Dresden has undertaken an audit of all relevant quality and production processes.

Eco domestic and business customers will benefit from the same warranties and FullCoverage insurance conditions as available previously. “By focusing on our Vision glass-glass manufacturing, and outsourcing glass-foil production while maintaining the standards expected of us, we can offer the new Eco panels at an economical price,” said Lee Storey, Sales Manager, UK – North, Scotland and Ireland. “Customers receive a panel from a quality German supplier – designed specifically for the European market and with our unique insurance options.”

Pol Spronck, Head of Selected Markets International at SOLARWATT, added: “As an established brand and supplier of comprehensive photovoltaic services, SOLARWATT provides customers with panels with a real difference. Only a manufacturer firmly established in Germany and Europe can provide the level of system design and implementation support achieved by SOLARWATT for installers.”


Module production in Dresden