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SOLARWATT joins Solar Trade Association to help shape future of the UK industry

Solar Trade Association

At SOLARWATT we’re committed to bringing the best solar PV modules, energy storage and management systems to UK customers, supported by leading service and warranties. But we’re also keen to spread the word on the contribution solar PV is making to energy independence in the UK while protecting the environment.

Now, SOLARWATT has joined the Solar Trade Association, underscoring its commitment to the UK industry. Since 1978 the STA has promoted the benefits of solar energy and pushed to make its adoption easy and rewarding for domestic and commercial users.  The STA promotes standards and best practice in the industry as well as shaping strategy, hosting events and communicating with policy makers, planners and specifiers. It’s a not-for-profit association funded entirely by its membership, which includes installers, manufacturers, distributors, large-scale developers, investors and professional firms.

The trade body is pushing for solar to deliver the maximum possible share of UK energy by 2030 by enabling a bigger and better industry, reinforced by exceptional synergies with storage, EVs and smart grids. In partnerships across the energy industry, the STA is working to secure the smart systems that solar and storage need to thrive.

The STA are knowledgeable, passionate people and we’re happy to work with them, playing our part in shaping the UK industry’s long-term future.