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Maximum efficiency, guaranteed performance – solar PV is on the rise again

MyReserve battery
Not long ago, demand for solar energy was greatly determined by the size of the Government subsidy that installing a system could attract.

Now, the advent of premium home storage systems means householders can generate clean energy from the sun for use in the evening and at night, and artificial incentives are all but forgotten. The emphasis is on ‘self-consumption’.

Subsidy benefits were temporary but the technology advantages of solar PV are real – and lasting.

This underlines a fundamental change in the energy market. From April 2010 the Feed-in-Tariff encouraged householders to instal rooftop solar panels, to generate electricity ‘cheaply’, albeit part-funded by the taxpayer, and sell the excess into the grid.

By July 2013, more than 450,000 solar installations were built in the UK, almost all on household roofs, with a combined capacity of 2.7GW. By April 2015 Britain had installed more solar projects in the previous 12 months than any other country.

It couldn’t last. With budget demands mounting, and despite protests and legal action by industry and environmental groups, ministers reversed their policy and subsidies were progressively cut. The FiT scheme is due to end for new registrations in April 2019.

With SOLARWATT’s award-winning MyReserve battery, users achieve a tenfold faster response time to power, that is, between flicking the switch and activating an appliance. Result? Householders buy less grid power.

Data from the PV system optimally calculates charging cycles, bringing the highest battery efficiency of 99.2 % and an overall efficiency of 96 % at best point.

MyReserve is installed on the DC side so only one conversion of current from DC to AC takes place, compared to three needed for conventional AC-side batteries, so you get 90% instead of 75% usable energy.

Additionally, as charging and discharging levels are intelligently managed by the management system, the service life of MyReserve is increased. All this saves customers money and boosts their energy independence and control.

This is something householders want. They’re all too aware of rising fossil fuel prices and uncertainty of supply.

And these German-made batteries are built in to last. SOLARWATT offers a 10-year performance warranty on battery modules and five-year product warranty on the power electrics. The number of cycles is unlimited. Among risks covered by the free, five-year, full insurance are overvoltage, lightning strike, theft, and flooding.

And not only is MyReserve the safest on the market, it’s environmentally friendly – 84% of each battery module is recyclable.