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SOLARWATT continues to drive international expansion

SOLARWATT is continuing its expansion strategy and expanding its sales to Northern Europe. This includes UK/Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. In recent months, cooperation agreements with sales partners have been launched in all countries. SOLARWATT is already active in Great Britain with a growing team. 

In addition to the proven glass-glass modules and the EnergyManager, MyReserve batteries are also sold in these regions. In Northern Europe, the demand for efficient photovoltaic solutions continues to grow, also due to the expansion of electromobility. Sweden, for example, wants to generate one hundred percent of its electricity from renewable energies as early as 2040.

Installers‘ certifications are already in progress

Since last year, the Dresden-based company has been building up an extensive partner network in the new markets and holding roadshows and training courses on site. Only those who are certified for the installation of SOLARWATT products are allowed to install and commission them.

SOLARWATT is consistently focusing on the sale of complete photovoltaic systems for its expansion. "Because the sun does not shine as frequently in the UK, Ireland, and Scandinavian countries as in southern Europe, it is particularly important here that all components of the PV system are perfectly coordinated and work together efficiently. As a system provider we see great opportunities here, which we want to capitalize on with a strong team," says Detlef Neuhaus, CEO of SOLARWATT.