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SOLARWATT wins prestigious “ees Award 2017” for battery storage innovation – MyReserve Matrix

SOLARWATT has received the prestigious "ees Award 2017" for its new MyReserve Matrix battery. The top-level innovation award is presented annually at the ees / Intersolar Europe trade fair for future-oriented developments in the power storage segment. SOLARWATT is the first firm to earn the ees Award more than once, having taken the prize home in 2015 for the first-generation MyReserve. "We are very pleased to have won this prestigious award again. We see this as an incentive to continue our development of innovative and, above all, economic solutions," says SOLARWATT Managing Director, Detlef Neuhaus. The Dresden-based solar company exited the mass market for modules in 2012. They have successfully pivoted and prioritized the development of intelligent photovoltaic systems. "We have invested a great deal in research and development for several years – it is now paying off," adds Carsten Bovenschen, Managing Director Finance & Human Resources.

MyReserve Matrix sets new standards for the battery storage market: the system is completely modular. The battery module and intelligence unit are each housed in solid, highly secure aluminum blocks, which means that no additional cladding is required. Each individual module is the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 25 kg. By combining these two basic components, any storage capacity from 2 kWh to 2 MWh can be configured. The SOLARWATT battery is as equally suited for private household use as commercial storage. MyReserve Matrix is also flexible in terms of performance: each connected battery module increases performance by 800 watts. "Our new battery storage system is suitable for all conceivable applications and can be perfectly adapted to each individual customer’s needs. This way, everyone can get the maximum cost-effectiveness from their PV system,” says Neuhaus.

The award ceremony took place today on Wednesday, May 31st, at ees / Intersolar Europe in Munich. SOLARWATT CEO Detlef Neuhaus and Board Chairman, Dr. Johannes Fritz accepted the prize for the MyReserve Matrix battery.